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DiscoverME is making games out of history for over 1,500 Maine middle-schoolers. Plus, a STAR search is under way. See NEWS for details.

PLUS: Robert Shafto, the Center's executive director, offers his take on the No Child Left Behind initiatives. Read it in NEWS

For this week's news about education throughout Maine, go to http://www.umit.maine.edu/~kay.hyatt.

Visit SEED to explore an innovative, statewide, professional development network that can help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms to achieve Maine's Learning Results.

Visit STAR to discover a statewide professional development network that focuses teachers' attention on the quality of their students' work - while also helping districts meet Learning Results assessment requirements.

Visit Organizational Development Services to learn about opportunities to strengthen organizational planning, leadership and board development, facility planning and overall systems development.

Visit DiscoverMe to find out more about this unique, Web-based Maine history/studies experience for middle-level teachers and students.

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